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February 29, 2016   |  No Comments


The website which I developed for Roberts Slater a while ago has undertaken a major update the last few weeks, which involved creating a brand new front-end design and improving accessibility for the business training company.

One of the major problems with the current website was that it wasn’t responsive, which meant that mobile web browsers had to resort to viewing the desktop equivalent of the site – not ideal on a 6 inch screen. Using collected data to drive all decisions and planning for the redesign, the website was optimised for the customer in mind. The site was completely restructured to ensure that the content information was as clear as possible – the main focus being to showcase the wide variety of leadership development services on offer. The colours & graphic elements of the existing branding were also given a new lease of life throughout the site to enhance the overall user experience.

Working closely with the client, the website will undergo even further optimisations over the coming weeks, including visual enhancements and clever design adjustments to keep the site in-tune with its users.

If you would like to know more about Roberts Slater and what services they provide for individuals and organisations, visit their website www.robertsslater.com



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