Open Show for Exotic Goldfish

September 11, 2014   |  No Comments

National Goldfish Show

I’ve just finishing designing artwork for a friend of mine who happens to be chairman of the AMGK (Association of Midland Goldfish Keepers). It’s their first national open show held in Northampton to showcase some of the finest breeders of fancy goldfish in the country. This event is a combined project for a number of UK societies, so I wanted to make a good impression!

National Goldfish Show Poster

It consists of a promotional poster and a set of award certificates given out at the show. I’ve been designing these items for the club for a number of years now with similar visuals, so I decided it was time for a creative refresh. There’s no value in re-using artwork if you’re trying to attract members of the public to an event and the focal point for their participation doesn’t change.

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