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April 6, 2014   |  No Comments

Social Media

As well as created a blog on my site, I’ve also returned back to social media in the last few months…most noticeably Twitter. This was to initially further publicise my design work as well as gain inspiration from a multitude of external sources. I first opened my Twitter account back in 2009 and used it for a while (although with very few tweets) – I presumed this was going to be a short lived trend and besides, I just didn’t have the time and inclination to start posting continuously on the site. There were users out there seemed to be posting twice an hour every single day of their lives. The phrase ‘what’s the point’ sprung to mind.

Returning back to social networking has proven to be extremely valuable, not only to promote my online portfolio and skills, but to understand where the industry is at the moment and where it’s heading. It also allows you to see what everyone else is up to – I didn’t know about the sheer amount of designers and developers right on my own doorstep. I could have never found out that sort of information purely by going straight to Google.

Of course, I still post loads of nonsense on Twitter that, looking back, must have been in sheer desperation of gaining visual presence in social circles.

What I also didn’t know is that different social networks have different peak times when a post has more impact. For example, Facebook is between 1pm to 4pm, Twitter is between 1pm and 3pm, LinkedIn is between 7am and 9am as well as 5pm and 6pm, Google+ is between 9am and 11am and Pinterest is between 2pm and 4pm as well as 8pm to 1am.

Remember, if you’re not getting noticed on Twitter, maybe you’ve been posting at 10am all along!

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