Top Trumps Designer Edition

November 24, 2014   |  No Comments

Designer Top Trumps

Who doesn’t love a sneaky game of Top Trumps? Certainly, if you were a child of the 70’s or 80’s you must have played or just heard of this classic, if not geeky, British card game. A player would compare the attributes of a particular card against their opponents to beat them, and winner does indeed take all.

Well now I’ve created a top trumps themed card based on my skill set (and mindset).
It’s just a bit of fun, as I’m a fun, hard-working individual.



Tea? Coffee? Nope, just give me a soft drink. I don’t indulge in hot drinks.


Super Fact:

I studied graphic communication for 6 years in the wonderful West Midlands, including Stourbridge and Wolverhampton. Knowledge is power!


Mega Fact:

Not only do I create beautiful graphic designs, I also work on the development and coding of sites including database management. Not many real world designers can say that.

Designer Top Trumps Cards

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